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Empowering college students for a lifetime of eco-conscious food habits.



⅓ of global greenhouse gas emissions come from our food production system

30+ different pesticides are sprayed on the average conventionally grown tomato

90% of animals raised for meat, eggs, and dairy in the US are raised in crowded, stressful conditions on factory farms

The food we eat has a HUGE impact on people and the planet...

 Industrial agricultural practices strip our soils of nutrients, deplete regional water sources at alarming rates, pollute our air, and coat our food in harmful herbicides and pesticides. 

And new consumers (that's us students!) are the most vulnerable to falling into greenwashing traps, lacking the knowledge of understanding label terminology & easily tricked into purchasing food products with eco-friendly sounding labels.

But we are here to help: Explore our website to understand how you can use labels as a tool to outsmart any attempts of greenwashing and the power back into your own hands!

YOUR CHOICES are the solution

Consumer demand can in the short term shift company practice, and in the long term, policy change.”
Dr. Urvashi Rangan 

How well do YOU know eco-labels? Take this short quiz to test your pre-existing knowledge of environmental food labels!

Listen to Dr. Urvashi Rangan discuss how labels are regulated 

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