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About Us

Learn more about the creators of Unearthing Soup to Nuts and how to get in contact to learn more!

Who We are:

We are all second-years at UCSB participating in the Environmental Leadership Incubator (ELI). We hope to give UCSB students the education they need to form environmentally conscious grocery shopping habits and develop a deeper understanding of the connection between food and the environment. Above all, we hope to bridge the gap between consumer knowledge and environmental impact.


The Soup to Nuts Vision

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 Every consumer holds power and exercises their power every time they make a purchase. Each purchase is valuable because it has unforeseen implications: it inadvertently supports certain agricultural practices, land use choices, animal welfare issues, labor policies, and more.


Unfortunately, many companies focus on monetizing environmental movements and greenwash their products to make them seem environmentally friendly, so consumers can feel good about their purchase. Through our educational campaign on food eco-labels, we envision a society where consumers are empowered with unbiased knowledge and are confident in using their purchasing power.

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