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IV Food Co-op

What is a co-op?
  • In standard for profit business, like chain grocery stores, making money is the main goal, whereas in a co-op, the primary goal goes beyond profit and is rooted in the values of the ownership community. 

  • Co-ops rely on less extractive models where profits stay within the community. They are businesses that are owned and operated by and for the community. 

  • The community elects a board of directors, which makes decisions guided by principles including accessibility to the entire community, environmental stewardship, diversity, equity, respect, and dignity.

Why should you shop there?
  • Co-ops help build community wealth benefit your local community, Isla Vista, by building community wealth and retaking power over the local economy. 

  • You can trust that the board of directors have chosen to carry products that align with community values and standards. In other words, co-ops prioritize carrying locally grown products and have likely investigated the standards of all their products, so the consumer doesn’t have to. This takes some pressure off of you, the consumer, to make the right, eco-conscious choices!

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Goleta Farmers Market

Shopping locally means fewer fossil fuel emissions associated with transportation, a better understanding of how and where your food was produced, and a sense of connection between the land and the people who put in the work to produce the food that we often take for granted. Beyond the environment, supporting local, small scale farms by shopping at your farmers market supports local markets and economies associated with regional agricultural systems.


Check out our local farmer's market that happens every Sunday! 

Seasonal Food Guide

Check out this seasonal food guide to see whats in season near you right now!

Check out their detailed food label & seasonal shopping guides!

Seafood Watch

Check out Monterey Bay Aquarium's consumer guide for national and regional seafood!


Check out Calfresh to see if you are eligible for up to $281/month for groceries!

UCSB AS Food Bank

All students can visit the AS Food Bank at the UCEN. They source much of their produce from the ECP farm right here in IV!

What UCSB Students Are Eating - Survey Results

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